Monday, August 4, 2014

Last week? Could've been better.

I was supposed to post a report on how my training and nutrition has been going this last week. I didn't. Sorry about that. Before I do go into how things are going, allow me to vent for a second about how wonderful last week was.

Puerto Rico, to all my friends from the States and other countries who might not be aware of this, has been going through a pretty dry period recently. So dry in fact, that last week, the dreaded words "water rationing schedule" started to be uttered by government officials. If things didn't change soon they were to start rationing water sometime next week. Dear old Nature had other ideas.

So, what is Nature's way to deal with a water shortage in a place of extremes? Send in a Tropical Storm. Bertha made land on Saturday and all the trouble that comes with it, including power outages and not being able to leave home (too dangerous). I missed my long run. The end result? It rained and the lakes had some relief but we are not out of the "worry zone" yet. There wasn't any major damage so at least good for that.

Then I murdered my phone.

You know those Galaxy S5 Actives that are water resistant and stuff? Yeah, mine is not one of those. Something that became painfully apparent when I joined my daughters for a dip in my brother's pool with the phone in my pocket. I played, splashed and did the backstroke a few times and then, I realized what I had done. At least it didn't die alone. The keys to our mini-van were in there with it so the remote (which turns the security system and the locks plus the locks) died too. It was a massacre. Hopefully my wallet didn't suffer the same fate. A good thing since I sure needed it to pay the deductible to get the phone replaced. Worst part. The replacement will arrive by mail so for now, no phone.

I'm gonna miss that phone. I ran the Disney Marathon with it. I reviewed the Armpocket i35  with it. It was a good phone. Rest in Peace phone.

OK, next post I will give you a training update. I promise.

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