Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guess who won the DietBet?

Remember the DietBet? I talked about it a while ago.(Actually a month ago to be exact) You sign up on the DietBet website and join a challenge. In my case it was Mindy Bobe from Road Runner Girl who set up the whole thing. $25 got you in, lose 4% of your weight in a month and those who did would split the resulting pot. For me to partake in said pot, I would have to lose 11 pounds.

Well, I ended up losing 12.

I submitted my results on Tuesday and on Wednesday I got confirmation as one of the winners. There were 108 players and 59 of them actually made the 4% goal. The pot was $2,750. That means I got my $25 investment back plus 10 bucks. So I got paid 10 dollars to lose 12 pounds! Pretty cool if you ask me.

So now, thanks to this bit of motivation, not only I'm at the lightest weight I've been in years but 20 pounds below what I weighed when I got married 9 years ago. (Back then, I was... um, challenged to lose 25 pounds for the wedding, which I did.) 

Why thank you Mr. President. Thank you so much.


  1. Congrats!! That's so awesome! Total win-win situation. You get money and feel better!

  2. Frank that is AWESOME!!!! So proud of you!!!