Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekly Report

Well, with my first 5K looming closer, I'm doing everything I can to not miss any runs during the week. This week, despite some setbacks, went well. I had 3 runs scheduled and did them all. Here's how it went:

Wednesday, August 8: Regular Run - 3 miles
I don't normally run on this day but I missed my run on Tuesday due to whether. I hadn't run during the weekend since last week I kind of took it a little too far and paid for it dearly with soreness. I was not going to miss this one. It wasn't the best of runs and I was feeling tired the whole way but I finished. 50:30 is nothing to be proud of but it could have been worse. I could have not run. THAT would have been shameful.

Thursday, August 9: Regular Run - 3 miles
I was a bit worried about this one. I avoid running on consecutive days to avoid soreness but it seems my body is getting used to running. I actually had a great run! I managed to keep a decent pace and with a mile to go I actually picked it up a bit. Now, this is all relative of course. When I mean I picked up the pace, what I mean is I went from "turtle" to "son of turtle". But 47:06 is certainly an improvement from the day before. The fact I was able to run two days running is an achievement in itself.

Saturday, August 11: Long Run - 5 miles
Now, I have run 5 miles several times. I think at this point, it is my limit. That is, I'm going to be running that distance for a little while before I increase my mileage. On previous runs, it was a struggle to make it. I either barely made it to 5 or I would have to stop along the way. On this one I was determined to finish with something left in the tank so I took my time and tried to not rush it. It doesn't help that the course I run those 5 miles in has the four, longest, most painful hills I have ever run. Actually, I don't think any experienced runner would find them that bad but for me, you might as well ask me to jog Everest. The problem is these hills happen in the middle of the run. You're just getting your rhythm going when the first one pops up. They really tire me out. Usually after mile three, I'm struggling but this time, I tried to preserve my resources and plan my attack. During the hills I shortened my stride and ran as strong as my lungs would allow without raising my heart rate. By mile four I was feeling pretty good. I had a severe case of dry mouth but other then that I knew I was going to finish. Sure enough, by the end I felt like I could run more. Success. 1:20:47. People run half - marathons in that time but hey, there's no way to go but up.

Overall, a good week, plus I got some new running clothes which was cool as not only were they way more comfortable than what I was running in, but it's NY Jets stuff! Double Whammy.

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