Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Report #2

Not exactly a good week and certainly not the best timing  for it but, you take things as they come. Weather and the most pathetic run in recent memory conspired to ruin my momentum. As I mentioned in my previous report, last week was pretty good and got all my runs in. This week, hard as I tried it was not to be. Ran only twice. Here's how it went.

Thursday, August 16 - 3 miles
It rained all week and on Thursday, it was still pouring. But it stopped in the evening and I saw my break and took it. Of course, it started right back again while I was running. The good thing about running in the rain is that you can't really stop. You're too far away from home and what are you going to do? Walk back? Might as well keep running. The thing is, I thought I was running at a pretty good pace but I ended running it in about the same I always do. 47:16. I should have considered it an omen.

Saturday, August 18 - 4 miles
This was, by far, the worst run I've had probably since I began. It was awful. I was aiming for 5 miles. Started pretty good at a slow pace,(it was a long run after all) but after mile 2, while going up the first "big" hill I had to stop. Started back up at the top but stopped again a while later. After several attempts I finally just walked the rest of the way and settled for 4 miles. 1:07:50.

The thing is, I don't know what went wrong. Did I eat the wrong thing? Lack of rest? Just a bad day? I'm not sure. All I know is, I got just two more runs before my first race and this is not the best time for a slump so I'm just going to keep on going and not look back. I guess your going to have your good days and bad days. It happens.

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