Monday, August 5, 2013

Speed Work - A Conversation

The Cast

Me: You know Me. The guy who writes this blog and stuff.

Me+: The little voice inside my head. Me+ comes up with a lot of crazy stuff, then expects me to execute that stuff. Running a marathon when I had never run before? His idea. I have a love/hate relationship with this guy.

The Conversation

We arrive at the track, where I have to do the day's workout: Three 1 mile repeats for 6 miles total.

Me+: OK lets warm up. Slow OK? You will have time for fast in a little while.

Me: Yeah, yeah... A lot of people at the track today. Lots of kids training and stuff.

Me+: They always block the track hope it won't be problem... you know, why don't we make this workout more interesting? I got a great idea.

Me: You and your "great ideas". I'm still feeling the "great idea" from last week.

Me+: Oh come on! we had to go for that mileage record. We just had to!

Me: Right...

Me+: Tell you what, instead of running the repeats all out, you will do something different in each one. You just have to follow my instructions OK?

Me: I got a bad feeling about this.

Me+: Mile's almost up. You ready? 

Me: No...

Me+: Great. For the first repeat, you're gonna run in the high 14's. Aim for a 15 minute mile.

Me: I can do that easy! Not for long but...

Me+: Just do it. Mile's up. GO!

First Repeat

Me: This is easy. Not even breathing hard.

Me+: The point here is to maintain a faster pace than normal. Get a feel for it. This is how you should run the marathon.

Me: I don't know. I can't even think about being able to do that right now.

Me+: You will. That's what you are training for.

Me: Done! 14:50...

Me+: See? Not bad at all. Can't get more accurate than that.

Me: (smiling) Well...

Me+: OK, after the half-mile cool down, you are gonna run the next repeat a bit faster. Try to keep the watch in the 13's.

Me: 13's... I can do 13's. 

Me+: Of course you can. Half - mile is up. GO!

Second Repeat

Me: (breathing a bit harder now) A lot of people passing us.

Me+: Yeah, so?

Me: This is supposed to be a "speed" workout!

Me+: Yeah, so? Speed is relative.

Me: They are warming up! This is embarrassing. I'm doing  speed work and the entire track is lapping me.

Me+: Who cares! Besides, they don't know you are doing a speed workout. Right?

Me: I don't know, they can surely hear me breathing hard when I pass them by...


Me: (avoiding running over a track coach) Yikes! Sorry! (Under his breath) Totally your fault for moving AROUND THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING TRACK doing nothing.

Me+: He wasn't even paying attention.

Me: You notice he is fatter than me right? Hey (it starts to rain) its raining!

Me+: Yeah, so?

Me: Everyone is leaving to take cover.

Me+: Yeah, so?

Me: Dude! Its raining! I'm the only one on the track.

Me+: And... Done! How did you do?

Me: I don't know. I started counting the repeat at 2.5 miles and finished at 3.5 miles so I don't know what the total time was for that mile. It felt faster.

Me+: OK...

Me: The watch was on 13's the whole way. Maybe in the 12's a few times. Had to be 13 something.

Me+: Well, the next one starts at 4 miles so we won't have any trouble keeping track of that one. You are gonna love it too.

Me: What?

Me+: Now, I want you to run the best mile you can. All out. Go crazy.

Me: What?! But  I just ran 4 miles! How fast can I possibly run now? 

Me+: We are about to find out aren't we? I want you to leave it all on the track.

Me: I'll leave you on the track...

Me+: No time for talk. Go!

Final Repeat

Me: (panting) Legs... hurt...

Me+: Normal... quite normal.

Me:(pointing at a guy in a red shirt) I... just... lapped that guy! 

Me+: Fabulous. He's walking. Don't slow down!

Me: Legs... lungs! Burning!

Me+: You're doing great!

Me: Murder... Death... Kill!

Me+: Isn't that from a movie? Go! Almost done! Final stretch!... Done!!!!

Me: Dear Lord! It's over.

Me+: You did awesome! 11:15!

Me: What?! I think that's the fastest I have ever run a mile. Even after all that!

Me+: I told you. How are you feeling?

Me: I wanna kill myself.

Me+: Now come on. Really?

Me: But first I'm gonna kill you.

Me+: It wasn't that bad!

Me: Make it look like an accident... I don't think you will be missed by many.

Me+: What about your readers? They would miss me.

Me: You are worrying about 5 people? Don't worry. I'll break it to them gently.

Me+: (laughing) Cry baby!

Me: I'm never running again.

Me+: So... tomorrow. 4 miles easy?

Me: Around five-ish?


  1. Oh I LOVE this post!!!! And congrats on your fastest mile!!! You are amazing and such an inspiration Frank!!!

    1. Wow, that means a lot coming from you Mindy but I still have a loong way to catch up to you. I just saw your last run and its OK to slow down you know! Smell the roses, say hi to the little people...

  2. Love the conversation... It's amazing what our minds talk us into. I suggest never signing up for races after running a great one. You feel all good and do things like sign up for Dopey Challenges at Walt Disney World having never run a half-marathon before. Makes training a commitment with no turning back! Proud of you Frank! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! Good advice by the way. I'm afraid that if I do even remotely well in the marathon I'll end up training for Dopey. Nooooo! LOL

  3. Love your post! Great job on pushing yourself and going faster! I have never been to a track and part of the reason is I wouldn't want other people around. You are an inspiration!