Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston 2013

I cannot really post anything else without mentioning the events that unfolded last Monday during the Boston Marathon. Even now, words fail me so I certainly appreciate the words many others more eloquent than myself have expressed through the press, their blogs, social media and even with small gestures like wearing race shirts in support of those affected.

If we can agree on the fact that this was a senseless and tragic act, then we have to also agree on our ability as human beings to pull together in times like these to support and help each other. The days following this tragedy, even with a heavy heart, have filled me with much pride and joy to be a part of the global running community. The incredible pouring of support and empathy that has  emerged from this is almost -and let me emphasize almost- unbelievable. I add the almost because those of us who have participated, even a little, of this community can attest to the fact that runners from all walks of life take care about each other. We see  it during training, at the track, even in middle of a race when we are supposed to be competing with each other. Little details that let us know we are there for person next to us. So it should come as a surprise, during such a tragic event like this, to see runners from all over the World with arms wide open embracing those affected in Boston.

This might sound overly corny I guess, as we are talking about running after all but even a casual glance at Facebook or Twitter these days will prove me right.

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