Monday, April 1, 2013

An Amazing Development

They say it's important to grow. To move forward. To progress. Let me tell you,  "They" sure say a lot of stuff.

Sometimes, you do things not knowing exactly why you do them but you do them anyway and you end up surprising yourself. Running has certainly been that way for me. A total surprise. A lot of regular runners will find it weird for me to say this but it has been a total surprise that I find myself so committed (or maybe I just should be committed) to running. How many things in life have I started and not finished? How many things have I consistently kept doing after a year? Not many, but here I am.

Another thing in that surprises category is this blog. While I not a year old yet, it's very surprising (and pleasant) that I'm still writing this blog. Not only that, people are still reading it for some reason. While in a thousand years I could ever say I have millions of adoring fans, it amazes me to no end every time I post in the blog and then see the little graph showing me how many people visit the blog spikes with interest. It almost makes me think people want to read what I write. I thought people read magazines and books to read about running, even though there seems to be a lack of articles about fat runners. Still both those outlets are my main source of information. 

So it is with a lot of excitement that I let my few readers know that I have signed a two year agreement with Runner's World magazine. Yes. This fellow right here.

It is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Here's how it gonna work: I pay $28.00. Then Runner's World is gonna send me 26 issues (one per month) for the next two years, plus two more extra for free! Plus I get two free gifts. 

Oh wait, did you get the impression that I was gonna write for Runner's World? Well... April Fools! Like Runner's World is gonna ask me to write for them. They can't afford me. he he he


  1. That's too funny. I sure did thing you were going to write for them. Ha, Ha! ;) You got me.

  2. Got me too... but you should write, you have a real gift. I'm still waiting for you too finish the movie script you started on 1999.

    1. You know I was thinking about that recently. We should work on it.