Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Year From Now

Today, tens of thousands of runners from all over the world ran the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, Florida. Hopefully, one year from now I will be running it myself.

Twitter and Facebook have been lit up most of the day with updates from friends and people who write other blogs I follow reminding me exactly what it was about this race that made me want to do it as well. You see, the entire marathon takes place on Disney property. You run through all 4 of the parks and they have music, characters, and entertainment all through the course. They also do a Half-Marathon on Saturday and if you are really adventurous you can sign up for the Goofy Challenge and race both the Half and the Full marathon. 39.3 miles in all. Yeah... right now I'm thinking about just doing the marathon though.

I wonder if I will be able to pull this off. If I will be ready. It's hard to visualize running a marathon when your latest running accomplishment is running 6 miles. Still have 20 more to go (and .2).  That is a long way to go. But don't worry people. While there is a little uncertainty in my words you can bet I'm gonna do everything I can to achieve this goal I have set. In a way, running a marathon is the easy part.

Figuring out how to pay for the whole thing... That is the hard part!

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