Friday, January 11, 2013

Almost Famous

One of the true perks of putting yourself out there on things like blogs and forums, is that you get to meet a lot of people who are not only going through the same things you are but are willing to share information and help you out in every way they can. One the first people I met on this journey actually is kind of an inspiration for me, as it was reading her blog, the story of how she was motivated to run a Marathon by seeing other runners while visiting Walt Disney World that finally got me out of the couch and running. Her name is Heather Montgomery and her blog is Running With Sass. She has not only done the Disney Marathon but a whole bunch of other Disney races. I think she also has done like 17 Half-Marathons. As it turns out, she was just named one of the top 12 Favorite Bloggers on the Run by Women's Magazine.

She is also at Disney World in Orlando this weekend trying to accomplish her latest goal: Finishing the Goofy Challenge: That is, running the Half-Marathon on Saturday (tomorrow) and the full marathon on Sunday. Heather, I'm cheering for you from Puerto Rico.

The thing is, while she is away, she got a bunch of people to write on her blog and guess what? It was my turn at bat today. I wrote a post about things you can do keep your New Year Fitness Resolutions. You can read the post here. The result is my own blog has lit up like a Christmas tree today. I feel like a celebrity. I'm very honored to have been able to write on Running With Sass. She has a very dedicated following and a lot of them were nice enough to drop by here. Hope you found something you liked.

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