Monday, October 21, 2013

Where did my Running Go?

OK, I'm miserable.

Not long ago I was reporting that I was in kind of a running funk but, just like previous episodes of this type, a couple of weeks of solid runs sort of took care of that. I had just recovered the proverbial spring in my step when last week happened. With the exception of a 4 mile run early in the week, I didn't run at all. Just one run, and no long run. Not only that, I ate like crap as well.

In my defense, it was a tough week. Filled with late nights (I run in the evenings after work) and places to go so it's not like I was lying on the couch contemplating the mysteries of the universe but still, I'm running my first Half-Marathon in less than a month and I'm officially in full Marathon training mode for January so this horrible excuse of a week couldn't have come at a worse time.

However, it is often my tradition to look at the bright side so here's my take on the silver lining: I managed to run once this week and this keeps my unofficial running streak alive. I really hadn't noticed but after missing the first two weeks of the year because of injury, I have run every single week this year. If I keep it up until the end of the year it will be 50 weeks straight with at least one run. Not bad for this fat runner. Especially considering that before all this I was running exactly ZERO times per week, every week, all year long, every year. That, and the Jets beat the Patriots in a win as ugly as my running week.

So no time to look back and feel sorry for myself. Got to get my ehhh, stuff together and have a stellar week this week!


  1. Hope you feel better, when i start feeling like this i try to get some rest and take a break.

  2. We all have rough patches, but at least you are getting out there!! I've been in a never ending funk so I totally know what you are talking about.

  3. Hope you are feeling better! Sometimes when we train it burns us out. Hopefully you get that love for running back soon! Congrats on keeping up with the streak!