Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 - The Yearly Report

Last post, I talked about my top 10 runs for 2012. I thought I would follow that up with a recap of how my training went this year. After all, the weekly report is a big part of this blog so I thought it would be nice to put the numbers together.

Putting on the miles (not the pounds)

So after putting all the numbers together (and it wasn't easy, I started running using Cardio Trainer, then switched to Map My Run then to RunKeeper) I ran a grand total of 268.21 miles. When I saw this number I thought about trying to make it an even 270 before the year was gone but some knee problems are  preventing that from happening. (More on that later)  Considering that in 2011 that total was ZERO, I think I get an A+ in total miles this year. Next year I would like to aim for 600 miles though I don't know if I'm being conservative or underestimating. We'll see in December next year.

Here is the rundown by Month:
March - 6 miles
April - 20 miles
May - 24.2 miles
June - 37.5 miles
July - 25.6 miles
August - 31.5 miles
September - 18 miles
October - 39 miles
November - 34.2 miles
December - 32.2 miles

January through March I hadn't started yet so they are not there obviously. It's interesting to see my progress through the year. That dip in September corresponding to getting injured after my first race and that peak in October before the whole vacation planning and the actual cruise brought things down a bit (but just a little bit). Those December numbers are padded though. I didn't run as frequently as I would have wished but when I did run, it was for far longer distances than the previous months.

Those 6 miles in March were tough. The first week I ran, I couldn't run again until the next week. Then when I finally was able to produce two runs in a week, I couldn't do a long run during the weekend. Hey, my body was getting used to it all. The slightest hill felt like Mount Everest and going up from the road to the sidewalk required several minutes of planning because that step up would require so much energy, it could mean the end of the run. Now that I think about it, I have no idea how I managed to to survive that and still be running today. Fancy me a masochist. Those first runs were, at best, 2 miles long. My last long run was 6 miles. In Marathon terms, that's not much. For the fat guy who was sitting on the couch doing nothing several months back, it is a great victory.

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